Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc. (TECH ) is a membership association, founded in 1990, with the goal of improving the quality of healthcare in the developing world so that the gospel of Jesus Christ may be preached.  TECH membership is available to non-profit Christian organizations, and individuals, that declare Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior and that are committed to excellence in medical missions.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is an important fingerprint of TECH.  We believe Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  It is Christ, alone, who saves us.

Medical missions need TECH!  There is an unfortunate practice among medical ministries of sending inappropriate medical products overseas.  Broken or outdated equipment that cannot be sustained or repaired should not be sent to the mission field.  High-tech equipment that requires special training for operation, or specific calibrations before use, should be carefully evaluated before being sent to the mission field.  Outdated medicines or pharmaceuticals that are inappropriate for the patient environment should not be sent.  TECH calls this “junk for Jesus”.   Issues like these are discussed among the TECH members at TECH conferences.  TECH members are working hard to eliminate these unfortunate practices and together are improving the quality of healthcare in the developing world.

TECH has developed two sets of Standards of Excellence; one for suppliers of medical equipment and one for suppliers of medical supplies.  Incorporating these Standards into the day-to-day practice of our member organizations has made an impact around the world.  Our members are recognized for their integrity, their compassion, and their commitment to excellence.  Please consider adopting the TECH Standards for use within your ministry and promoting them among your mission partners.

One of the privileges of being a part of the TECH corporate body is the opportunity to share our resources with others that serve.  TECH connects people with resources!  TECH members have access to a private email listserv that provides them with a means of posting their project needs and also a way to share their surplus medical donations.  TECH is a network.  We work together, share together, pray together and help each other complete our individual projects in a manner that brings glory to God. 

On behalf of TECH, thank you for visiting our website and we welcome your participation in our rapidly expanding ministry.