Testimonials From The Field

"God has used TECH in amazing ways once again!" 

Cameron Mayhill, NW Haiti Christian Mission

"TECH is a list serve that connects hospital and medical vendors who have surplus with overseas healthcare missions. Millions of dollars of medical and dental supplies are sent every year with mission agencies paying only the cost of shipping. There is also a high standard for screening technology for appropriate distribution based on the mission’s capability. They are applying these high standards to the Haiti crisis through a special forum."

Dr. David Campbell

CMDA, Southern California

In response to the earthquake in Haiti:

"We could address this problem because we have been always supported by friends of the Mission and by many TECH members who have always helped the hospital. Thanks very much to you all."

Jean Angus

Baptist Haiti Mission, Fermathe, Haiti

In response to the earthquake in Haiti:

"Thanks for the information. TECH is the best source of information right now."

Rev. Ronald T. Davidson

President & COO Gleaning For The World

In response to the earthquake in Haiti:

Tech Members,

Please know that your services have been valuable to me as I have tried to help sort through what is going on here in haiti.

If you get the chance to read I Sam. 14:6 please do that.

Thanks for being part of this.  

Melissa Curtice

NW Haiti Christian Mission