Beyond Developing Business Relationships – Mary Reynolds

How to maintain and manage business relationships.
After initial contact is made and a relationship is established, where  do you go from here? 
Mary will share practical steps to nurture your relationship and increase your donor support.

Training Medical Equipment Engineers and Technicians – Tom Judd, Billy Teninty

International Aid (IA) has successfully trained equipment support personnel at several sites globally; 180  
        internationals have completed the training since 1998.  The American College of Clinical Engineering 
        (ACCE) has conducted over 40 workshops training engineers and health leaders concerning medical
        equipment management since 1991 with 100 developing countries involved, in partnership with the World
        Health Organization.  There has been a focused effort uniting IA and ACCE in Kosovo since 2004.
How do, and how can, these efforts collaborate with other mission activities to increase the witness for
        Christ in developing countries?  This workshop will prayerfully address this question.

How to Select Appropriate Equipment, Methods, Hospital Information Systems for your Lab – Carol and Ed Bos

Criteria for evaluation of procedures and equipment for lab testing will be presented. The goal of the
        session is to assist you in making decisions appropriate to each specific situation. Discussion will
        include pros and cons of various test methodology, maintainability and life-cycle cost of equipment,
        support and training of staff.

Pathology in Mission Hospitals – Dr. Bill Walker

Dr. Bill Walker, International Pathology Services (IPS), will discuss several options for mission hospitals
        needing limited to full service pathology services.
Full service examples include Kijabe Hospital in Kenya and CURE International Hospital in Afghanistan
        with either a resident pathologist or rotating volunteer pathologists. At both hospitals telepathology is
        used to provide consulting support with pathologists anywhere in the world.
Limited services include 1) sending specimens (e.g. tissue biopsies, surgical resections, bone marrows,
        Pap smears, fine needle aspiration specimens) to IPS for evaluation, and 2) missionary physicians using
        a microscope with a point and shoot digital camera taking pictures and e-mailing them to IPS for review.

How to get your Request for Medical Equipment moved to the top of the pile! – Rick Wood, Danny Thomas

Let’s face it, we all need something.  A relief-search website lists 8844 different humanitarian relief
With this many organizations looking for help, how do you get your request noticed?  Learn practical
        steps to prepare a succinct, noticeable presentation for soliciting your much needed medical equipment.

Denton Shipments—Tony Haywood

Shipping costs can become a burden to all sized ministries.  The Denton Amendment permits relief organizations            to send their shipment on US military cargo planes, when space is available, at no charge.  It's a detailed process.
Tony Haywood has successfully shipped twelve shipments using the Denton program.
It’s free!  Learn the step-by-step process.

Breakout Sessions
9:30 –   10:30 a.m.         Breakout Sessions:
                                          ~Beyond Developing Business Relationships
                                          ~How to Assess Appropriate Lab Needs

10:30 – 11:30 a.m.         Agency Reports

11:30 – 12:15 p.m.         LUNCH (included)

12:15 –   1:00 p.m.         Agency Reports

1:00   –   2:00 p.m.          Breakout Sessions:
                                          ~Training Med Techs and Engineers
  ~Pathology in Mission Hospitals

2:00  –   2:30 p.m.           Agency Reports

2:30  –   3:30 p.m.           Breakout Sessions:
                                          ~How to Get your Request to the Top of the Pile
                                          ~Denton Shipments

3:30  –   4:00 p.m.           Closing and Guest Speaker ~ Pastor Thant McManus

TECH Home page
Pastor Thant McManus, Senior Pastor
Evangel Worship Center
Concord, North Carolina. 
8:00  –   8:45 a.m.           Welcome and Guest Speaker ~ Pastor Thant McManus
8:45  –   9:30 a.m.           Agency Reports – Brief presentations by the members of TECH.   Learn who are they,                                             what they do, how they can help you, how you can help them.
++ Round table discussions with like-minded people serving in the same countries.  Some of the locations of projects discussed are:  Asia, Africa, Haiti, Russia, Middle East, Central America, Indonesia, and more...  This is your opportunity to connect with others working in your geographical location or areas of expertise.
Guest Speaker